Cherokee Mobiography Artist, Lisa LaRue-Baker

Artist Statement

Education has always been important to me, but creativity is my passion. I find that creativity is often the best way to educate others! Whether it be through my music, writing, photography, bohemian art, or traditional Cherokee arts, I find a way for each piece to not only speak to someone’s soul, but leave a lasting memory of history – or hope for the future. As a Native American artist, I not only create traditional art of my tribe, but contemporary arts in many genres. Touching all cultures, experiences and goals is not only the life of the contemporary Native American, but helps reach many people. Native American art does not always have to have an “Indian” theme, but when mine does, it is from either the Native perspective or embodies traditional crafts.



Lisa LaRue Baker is an eclectic, a creator and a curator.  Composer/keyboardist and music producer, she has recorded 7 international albums, been nominated for a Hollywood Music Award, LA Music Award, and a Native American Music Award.


•As an author, she has contributed to or edited over 25 children’s and academic books on Native American history, and has authored several books of her own on Native history, alternative health, and a children’s book about Orangutans.

•As a photographer, she has had a one-woman exhibit in Los Angeles, Muskogee, OK and Atlanta, GA.  Her photo essay on Historic Sites in Los Angeles Associated with The Doors has received recognition from The Doors’ management team.

•As a federally registered Native American (enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), she is a traditional double-wall basket maker.

•As an artist, she has engaged in graphic design for over 30 years, and currently creates sculpture and form from vintage textiles, mannequins and various vintage items as well as re-visioned retro advertising, and textile dying and painting..


She was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas and has returned home to enjoy all the things life has to offer. She is a Registered Natural Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach, and her vintage fashion collection has been featured in several national magazines and worn by many celebrities in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York.


Topeka Art Guild

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Friends of NOTO

Tribal Citizenship

Registered citizen of the Cherokee Nation

approved by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, US Department of the Interior